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    Being in the distribution business for 17 years, I’ve come to understand that our role is not just simply selling products but rather, being a provider of them.

    Our main mission is to keep our suppliers and consumers happy through maintaining excellence with integrity in our services.

    The process of distribution is synonymous to the flow of water. If the water level becomes too high, it must concede to a lower level and if it is too low, it must be replenished in order to restore balance. This is the type of elemental flow and flexibility we will work with, and we wish this flow to pervade through all of our products and consumers worldwide.

    We will continuously strive to be consumer-centric, sharing new information and our human and material resources with companies and individuals who need them. We will do our best to satisfy and develop everyone who works with us.

    Thank you for the continued support in our endeavors to be the front-runner of global distribution. 

    Jason Kim
    President and CEO